EDM Music Festivals, Artists and Live Streams all in one place

The FyreNation app lets you always be in the know about your favorite festivals & artists. Want to know the lineup on a festival? Where your favorite artist will be playing next? If your favorite artists have any live streams planned? What festivals your friends are going to and which artists they follow? Yep you got it, sign up!

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More EDM. Less Blah Blah Blah.

(pun intended)

Follow your favorite festivals

Know the dates, the lineup, ticket prices, watch the official video, stay up to date on the festival program.

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Follow your favorite artists

Know what's happening with your favorite DJ's, see where he's playing next,

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Get alerts of live streams

Be automatically notified when DJ's you follow setup a live stream and see the date & time in your local time.

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Interact with your friends

Let your friends know to which festivals you plan to go to and get to know new DJ's by seeing the DJ's your friends are following.

Our awesome features

Join our Private Beta

Tell us why you'd love to try the FyreNation app, help us quash the last quirks and bugs, get bragging rights that you are an early adopter of FyreNation and get some exclusive benefits when we officially launch!

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