More Than You Think

Love EDM? So do we and that's why we built the app we wanted but couldn't find. The below is not extensive but these are some of the key points of what we do for you.

Festival info

We bring you most of the EDM festivals around the world, with all the relevant info, updated site and social media info, music genres, lineup, daily programs, ticket prices, accommodation options, age restrictions and more.

Your favorite artists

Check out and follow your favorite artists, all their social media and their links to the major streaming platforms. Check out any festival appearances, any live streams they have planned next and more.

Live Streams

If there's one thing we learned is that live streams can be fun and we want to let you know about as many of them, as possible. Want to cake your face to a Steve Aoki live streams? We got your back.

Follow your friends

No this isn't another social media platform... follow your friends, check out the festivals they're going to, the artists they're following, what live streams your friends are watching, let's get this party started!

Be an early adopter!

On the 25th of September we will open our Private Beta program and give access to a handful of EDM lovers that want to help us find the last bugs and quirks of our app before we officially launch. These users will forever be in our hearts 💝 but also will get some soon to be announced perks 🎁.