The Team

This is our team. There are many like it, but this one is ours.

Francisco Caeiro
aka Darth Francis Co-Founder & Chief Entertainment Officer

He's old af and can bore people to death with his long stories. Doesn't really use the internet much so we're safe Thought TikTok was a washing powder. Goes around claiming he's the Wizard of Oz of MS DOS (as if that were a real thing) and shouting "Those were the days!".

Co-Founder & Chief Music Officer

Edszen is an up and coming music producer and an artist going by @Edszen in all the major streaming platforms. At FyreNation he's responsible for interaction with other artists and ensuring we've got all artist data without typos... For the last time, who could have known Svdden Death had a V and not a U?...

Brandon Costa
Co-Founder & Chief Festival Officer

Social media guru, sales genius, partnerships manager extraordinaire, none of these titles have ever been attributed to him. The potential is there, but we can only show him the door, he has to walk through it. He is however responsible for all of the above at FyreNation.