Let's face it. The world stopped.

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And we were bored in the house, we were in the house bored.

All the festivals we were going to go to, all the people we were going to meet, the places we were going to visit, all cancelled. Everything turned virtual and we thought... why not?

Why not use the time we had to build something that we're passionate about, that will help people around the world which are passionate as we are about EDM and music festivals and have a blast while doing it?

And so we did, because we are makers and we hope you'll love ❤️ what we built too. This is just the beginning of our journey 🚀 and our plans don't end here. We're sure we'll get some things right, we'll screw others, make some friends along the way, piss off some people... but hey, we're going places and we'd be happy if you join us on the journey!

Reach out to us on social media and give us a shout 📣 and we'll definitely give you a shout back. 🙌